A Night To Remember

By Dave Bronstetter, Featured Writer at

The St. Louis Blues won 4-2 Monday night against a Bruins team that humiliated them 7-2 last Saturday. Game 4 of the Stanley Cup final illustrated again the well-documented resilience of these Blues. I have a few observations before telling you about a St. Louis team of long ago. The 2019 Blues play a bash, crash and bullying game that I’ve never particularly admired. Yup, I’m an old-fashioned peacenik who likes speed and finesse. There are, however, many things besides their aforementioned resilience I admire. 1. The Blues can score on Tuuka Rask and given the zone the Bruins goalie’s in, that’s remarkable. 2.They have Ryan O’Reilly. Who wouldn’t want this guy on their team? Talk about a competitor. Talk about a playoff player. Talk about a leader. And....  3. They can bat the Bruins around. That’s hypocritical coming from this peacenik, but it shows how much I dislike Boston, especially that very talented snake-in-the-grass, Brad M…

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