Why Scherby Ain't Coming Bak To MTL

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Written by: Andrew Kucer-Dougherty, The3Righties.com

Face it Habs fans: Scherby-ain’t-comin-bak.

Unpopular 3Righties opinion: Nikita Scherbak blew his chances in Montreal.  Come at me Vinny!

After getting picked up on waivers on December 2nd, his time with dem Habs is over. Here's the evidence to prove it:

It’s too bad, I really liked the offensive side to his game. But like his buddy/former teammate Chucky, Alex Galchenyk of the Arizona Coyotes that is, he still can’t figure out how to play fucking defense! I could cover an NHLer better than those two dopes...combined!
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Scherby also couldn’t seem to incorporate the message from his coach into his game, and it became revealed that his conditioning was poor coming into camp and his lack of commitment to fitness and some sort of high compete level during his recent last-chance condition stint in Laval, left him with no more chances from his bench boss. Which is why: Scherby-ain’t-comin-bak.

Newsflash Nikita: your coach wants you to play good defense, and be fully engaged in each play. How many games from the press box does it take to figure out the characteristics of the players who are getting called up and taking ‘your’ roster spot.

Fanboys (like my linemate and fellow righty Vinny) of Scherbak's will argue that he never got a fair shot. Not enough games on the big club with talented players to show off his game. Not enough ice time. Not enough PP time.  At some point though, a coach has to say: “is this player committed to our team concept? Does he want to do the hard work to earn the ice time he hasn’t yet shown me he deserves?"

After all, this is a 23 man roster, and coach has to make the hard choice, to give out ice time to guys he can trust and guys who, while their not fully developed or established players, demonstrate commitment to self-improvement.

But the Los Angeles Kings, the team who claimed Scherby from the Habs off waivers, were fucking desperate! They're the worst team in the league, their players are old shits (center Jeff Carter threatened to retire if he gets traded this season?!? He'd be screwing over the Kings financially for years to come if he did that, and the Kings need to get assets back to start their rebuild. So yeah, aging shits!) and have horrible contracts on the books for a few more seasons.

The Habs have one of the youngest teams in the NHL this year, so this team is and has to be development focused. Team leadership has to drive team culture towards self-improvement and development. Anybody not buying into this is toxic to the team culture.   With the many healthy scratches and subsequent demotion of $4 million dollar man Karl Alzner, I’ve never witnessed a more meritocratic Montreal Canadians coaching staff and front office.  So no wonder Sherby was on a short leash. He was on one last season fuck!

But Scherbak, who's only 22 years old folks, can't even break out offensively with them...and isn't playing defense either osti! He's everything that the Kings need right now: youth, speed and potential scoring. But with just the lone goal in six games with the Kings so far, and being a -2 as well, Scherbak's not helping turn things around and seems to be the exact player he was when the Habs put him on waivers. He's just a youngster trying to stick to a wall in a locker room full of grizzled veterans who thought they'd be challenging for another Cup this year. 

And the way the Kings have played, their interm head coach Willie Desjardins doesn't even look certain to be behind the bench next year!
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The Kings are looking to get younger and focus entirely on cleaning up their salary cap mess, which is why Scherby's perfect for them and I wish him nothing but the best.

Yea it sucks that Habs fans won’t get to see this player become his best self on our ice, but in the game of hockey, there's no room for individualism and entitlement, especially under a Mark Bergevin team. Exibit A, our friend P.K. Subban, and while I’m still a little sad we lost our guy P.K, I don’t feel that way for Scherby. This is the NHL kid. You've got to play 200-feet or you're fucked.

Maybe this is the wake-up call some former first round picks need to get their shit together, a la Tyler Seguin.  While you might not ever be a Seguin, I’ll give you another chance Scherby. Just not on my team. 

Best of luck Nikita Scherbak, and have fun in LA!